Thursday, December 13, 2007

Learn to surf

The way to learn and progress.
If you're new to surfing, first welcome to the greatest pastime there is, SURFING. Bic Sport has been building surfboards for more than 10 years and is currently the largest board builder worldwide.

Download the Go Surfing booklet

Go Surfing
Go Surfing

This "Go Surfing" book is designed to help you understand more about surfing and ensure a quick and easy learning curve as you progress from beginner to intermediate and hopefully one day through to advanced. It works really well in conjunction with our surfboard range. Our surfboards are primarily designed to make surfing easy for new comers, providing great shapes with low maintenance construction techniques by the world's best surfboard shapers. Bic Sport surfboards are molded in a stainless steel press, guaranteeing 100 % accurate reproduction of all dimensions true to original shape.

This book is provided to help you progress with your surfing. Use it in conjunction with some instruction from a qualified surf instructor and the correct equipment and you will progress much faster with your first attempts at surfing. Have fun and enjoy your surfing.

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