Thursday, June 19, 2008

Second Hand Skiwear

Polar Exchange based in Alresford, Hampshire have come up with a great idea to help families get on to the slopes for less.

Polar exchange's Directors are passionate about skiing and in 2000 came up with the concept of selling new good value skiwear and used skiwear on behalf of their owners.

Ebay as great as it is does not allow you to try things on and touch and feel the quality of secondhand skiwear. This is where Polar Exchange comes out on top. You can go to their barn in Alresford to see the entire range or you can orgaise a sale at your childrens school where you can take your old used but in good condition skiwear to sell and replace it with some new skiwear. It also allows ypu to try the skiwear on before buying removing the element of surprise you can sometimes get with eBay.

Polar Exchange cater for both parents and their children so it really is a one stop shop for all your skiwear needs helping you help the environment by recycling and saving money.

So if you just need to clear some space or want to get some new skiwear check them out at

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