Thursday, June 12, 2008

Urban Surfer gone into Administration

It looks like one of my favourite stores has gone into administration. It's a real shame as Urban Surfer had a great looking website that was easy to use and had great product shots. When you go to now you get a message saying that all orders after the 28th May have been cancelled and refunded.

I am hoping they will resurface in the very near future but in reality the surf industry is taking a bit of a knock this season. What with more players joining in, bricks and mortar surf shops struggling and having one last ditch attempt at keeping their business alive by going online or as per usual the strangest weather we have seen for a long time.

The weather does play a role as the good weather brings good moods and a need to spend money. The surf shops on the coast this year have a new enemy.

Petrol prices. What with the cost of fuel now at an all time high Surfers and beach goers who are the people who spend money at coastal surf shops are making sure that the weather is good and there is going to be surf when they get there. No longer can Londoners pop down to the suth coast to see f there is any surf when fuel prices are this high.

People are also looking for a deal. Surf Fashion experts at Surf Life have over 13,000 products listed now. It goes to show how many different products there are out there.

So what does the future hold. Summer needs to come and stay, Gordon Brown needs to reduce fuel duty and people need to support there local surf stores if they want them to be around next year.

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